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14 December 2017 @ 09:02 pm
Once upon 2009, my 20s self fell in love with five-members J-pop Idol group. As cheesy as it sounds (to be fair, most people must have gone though this phase in their life once), their songs, doramas, variety shows was one of the most effective mood boosters through ups and downs. I was a fresh graduate student trying to find my path in life, well I am still figuring it out.

During one of those wandering times, I made promises to myself:
1) to find a career/job that I can be proud of
2) to find scholarship for studying abroad
3) to attend Johnny’s LIVE (NEWS & Arashi)
The day I met Arashi and attended their concert at Tokyo Dome (2017.12.3), I have completed my 20s’ check list.
Lessons learned?
That life should not be about fixing your attentions to those goals but simply to live and learn from every doors that open and close. That when you believe on the power of life, all you need to do is to just walk on each and every steps.

I have grown and am still growing.

Despite I am still in the fanclub for the remaining two years, with this, I’m officially closing my 20s’ foolish chapter (since I’m technically in my 30s now and the fact that it has been years since the last time I dilligently follows Arashi’s activities)
14 January 2020 @ 11:42 am
            Moi ?

* Has been in the fandom since mid 2008. My first fandom was 6-Nin NEWS, but ever since January 2009, I became more attached to Arashi. Note: Lately I rarely updating my journal. But I do keep on reading my f-list post everyday. Basically nothing interesting here LOL Note 2: As time goes on, my life keeps on moving. With my professional life, I naturally start to leave the fandom thing. I'm still following Arashi's works from Japan but I guess, I'm done the old style fangirling I used to do. While there were times when I was thinking to delete this blog, I decided to keep it out of courtesy to my young carefree fangirling self.
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Music: Greeeen - Setsuna
27 November 2017 @ 03:48 am
In 2008, when I was such an unstable undergrad student trying to finish my undergrad thesis, a friend introduced me to Japanese idol group called NEWS. This was before my Arashi’s era. Tonight, out of a sheer of luck and the power of ****** University, I somehow got a free ticket “NHK Songs of Tokyo” and they miraculously gave me the....wait... center...first row... seat.... and the last performer was NEWS. They sang 3 songs complete with the whole over-the-top Johnny’s costume, gazzilion dancing juniors, and freaking confetti. And they were so close to my face. The my were so close that I feel like there were moments when we met eye to eye. That’s how close it was.

They sang live, complete with Tegoshi’s overthetop (in a good way) note-hitting-screams. <3

I am still starstruck, esp by Koyama and, to some extent Massu. Their smile and good vibes brighten the room. I’m in awe on how polite Koyama is on and off camera. Even when he was walking backstage with the stage life off.

PS: Kanjani’s Murakami, who acted ad MC, was so nice. He was such a fun MC.

9 years later and sometimes I am still amazed on how far life has taken me. I feel so blessed and humble over the realization on various full-circle moments in my life.

Arashi, see you in a week!
14 April 2015 @ 10:16 pm

I only have two Arashi DVDs so far. The first one was the 5x10. I bought it from Book Off in 2011, when I first came to this country. Four years later, I bought this one, just because this Hawaii tour is a special one. I would never know, when and if I will ever attend their concert, but so far, my fangirl experience has been nice 😍
25 January 2015 @ 08:10 am
Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho

Thank you for being such an insipration. Look how far I come after starting to watch News Zero because of you. My whole academic career was built from that moment

*entering my 7th year in the fandom and still counting*
15 September 2014 @ 07:34 am
Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi !!!

You have no idea what I've achieved just by being your fan....
So, how can I surrounded myself with Arashi stuff in Tokyo today?
25 January 2014 @ 07:26 am
Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho!!

Happy Birthday Sho 2014

(Arashi's "Believe" Sakurap)



頭上に悠然とはためく、漠然とした 夢を掲げ

あの頃の未来向かい時代に期待せずも 進む my life
15 September 2013 @ 07:57 am